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Teacher Testimonials

Will Parham helping his students solve equations.
56fd815e93aebWill Parham helping his students solve equations.
Will Parham helping his students solve equations.

What sets Jenks Public Schools apart?  It is the people who work tirelessly every single day to make a difference in the lives of students. 

The video series "Teacher Testimonials" will feature one teacher every week from each school site in the Jenks District.  Watch and learn more about these extraordinary educators. Find out why they do what they do, how they're able to reach kids, and why they remain so passionate and so dedicated to the job of preparing students. 

Freshman Academy - Will Parham
After 11 years of teaching math at the Freshman Academy, Will Parham can't see himself anywhere else. The New York native passes on knowledge with enthusiasm while instilling a sense of confidence in each one of his students. Even with kids who are still learning English and struggling with math concepts, Mr. Parham uses his unique blend of patience and passion to motivate and encourage.

Middle School - Erik Olsen
Erik Olsen comes from a long line of educators and after the experience of teaching in other countries, the Jenks grad returned home to impart his wisdom on 7th graders. Mr. Olsen challenges his students to get out of their comfort zones, set high expectations for themselves, and form ideas from their experiences.

West Elementary - Rebecca Cole
Why does Rebecca Cole love teaching 4th grade at Jenks West Elementary? Because, as she says, "I get to do it all!" From math and science to reading and writing, Mrs. Cole passes on knowledge in every imaginable subject while making her classroom a second home for her students. A caring, devoted educator, Mrs. Cole embraces every opportunity to make a lasting impact in the life of a child.

Alternative Center - Judye Lancaster
Retirement age? Judye Lancaster has no idea what that means. At 70 years old, the science teacher at Jenks Alternative Center has the same energy and fire for reaching students as she ever did. Behind the sweet Southern charm is a teacher who cares deeply for each and every one of her students and someone who plays a big role in creating success stories.

West Intermediate - Moriah Widener
A 5th grade teacher at Jenks West Intermediate and a self-described math nerd, Moriah Widener can't imagine doing anything other than working with kids. Watch as Moriah describes why she feels so at home in Jenks and why she has so much fun "geeking out" with her students on a variety of topics.

East Elementary - Veronica Smith
A 2nd grade teacher at Jenks East Elementary, Veronica Smith believes being in the classroom is her calling. She believes the students are teaching her just as much as she is teaching them. See how Ms. Smith uses her personality and sense of humor to connect with her kids, and what inspires her to create lasting relationships.

High School - Lanae VanValin
How does a teacher make history fun and relevant to today's teens? In this Teacher Testimonial, Jenks' U.S. History teacher Lanae VanValin gives her perspective on engaging with students and why the past matters. Ms. VanValin shares why she has so much hope and optimism for this generation and tries to explain her obsession with JFK.

East Intermediate - Robyn Stuart
Ms. Stuart possesses an unapologetic passion for her job and feels a deep sense of responsibility to each one of her students. Now in her second year at East Intermediate, Ms. Stuart says she has found a home at Jenks Public Schools. Get to know Ms. Stuart and gain a new appreciation for the service and sacrifice of all teachers.

Southeast Elementary - Abbie Andrus
The series begins with Abbie Andrus, a first grade teacher at Jenks Southeast Elementary. Ms. Andrus brings a sense of community to her classroom and gives her students the opportunity to do something they never thought possible.